Our History

Island Carpets was created in 1976 by Vance and Lynn Pierre (my parents). The location, 845 Orange Ave, Coronado Ca. has not changed since they opened their doors. Vance, a craftsman by nature, focused his talents on intricate vinyl floor and carpet installation in the early years. They soon expanded their product line as demand changed. The company grew into wood flooring and refinishing, window coverings, ceramic tile and stone, laminate flooring… essentially every aspect of the flooring and window covering world. Lynn has run the showroom for over thirty years. If you have ever come in, you have experienced her kind, professional, and knowledgeable spirit. In short, she is unforgettable. Throughout the decades they honed their skill and have provided unmatched service for Coronado and San Diego County. We have successfully worked with thousands customers, and most importantly built long lasting relationships . I entered the business, part time, in 1993 as a sophomore at Coronado High. My parents welcomed me with open arms. On the jobsite, my father spent countless hours teaching me the trade, while my mother tutored me in product, interior design, and the everyday skill of running a business. “Integrity” would be the best word to describe Island Carpets past, present, and future. I look forward to sharing Island Carpets, and creating new relationships for years to come.

Andre Pierre